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List of FAQ

  • How do I schedule a mediumship reading with you?
  • Will the mediumship reading be taped/recorded?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • What can I do to prepare for my mediumship reading?
  • Do I call you for my phone reading?
  • What happens during a Mediumship Reading?
  • Suggestions for Receiving a Reading?
  • Will our conversation be confidential?
  • How soon can I schedule another reading?

  • How long of a session do you suggest I schedule?

  • Can I share a session with another person?  

  • How do I purchase a Reading Gift for someone else?
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Reading FAQ

How do I schedule a mediumship reading with you?

First, decide how long of a session and what type of reading you would like.  Then, contact me by phone or email with the following information:

  • your name
  • your phone number
  • type of reading (either in-person or phone)
  • time length of session
  • date preference (if any)
  • if phone reading, indicate payment preference as payment is required to reserve timeslot

Rates and payment options for in-person readings and phone readings are listed on the Booking a Mediumship Reading page. 

Note:  Please do not provide me with any details before your session regarding the spirit or information you wish to contact/connect with.  I prefer to be a clean slate for your reading.

For faster response to appointment inquiries, please call me as I usually check my phone messages daily.  Email is usually checked every few days.

Will the mediumship reading be recorded?

Yes, with your reading you will receive a recording of your session.  After the session, the audio sound file will be emailed to you.  This is complementary as you are purchasing time with me.  Recording is not guaranteed, therefore if there are technical problems in recording or email delivery there will be no replacement.  You are also welcome to audio record the session or take notes. 

What is the cancellation policy?

If you find that you need to reschedule/cancel, you must give at least 24 hours notice by calling 716-595-3755.  Email cancellations will be accepted up to one week prior to the appointment.  After that, you must call to cancel. 

After the 24 hour deadline, the time you booked is yours and you are responsible for paying for the time slot(s). 

What can I do to prepare for my mediumship reading?

Number one: relax.  Make sure you are alone in a distraction-free zone during the reading.  You will need to focus on the info coming through. 

Some clients take a walk or meditate before their reading, many do not.  Some clients prepare a list of questions they would like to ask their spirit loved ones, but these are not required in order to have a good reading.

Do I call you for my phone reading?

Yes, at the time of your phone reading appointment, you will call me and your session will begin.  Contact number will be provided upon final confirmation of your appointment.  You may call from your land phone line or your cellphone. Ideally, use the phone that will provide the best connection (without static and dropping calls).

What happens during a Mediumship Reading?

During the session, I link with the Spirit loved one(s) who present themselves and their messages for you.  As a medium, I focus on bringing the essence of a spirit loved one through (ie. physical characteristics, personality traits, messages).

Sometimes the confirmation of identity happens immediately - there is something the spirit does or says that lets you know without a doubt that this is your Aunt Margaret or your father.  Sometimes the clues are subtle, and the spirit's identity remains uncertain until you have time to think about the messages. 

You will be given an opportunity to ask questions during our session time.  Clients often happily report that the spirit(s) and info they wanted to link with came through "right off the bat".

Suggestions for Receiving a Reading

  1. Allow the medium (me) to proceed in my own way.
  2. Evidence comes in many ways:  descriptions, relationships, names, specific info, etc.
  3. Keep in mind that some information is for later.  Welcome the spirit and info even if you are unable to recognize immediately.  Later, you may recall the name, symbol, or situation.
  4. The value of a mediumship reading is not measured by prophecy.  Passing to the other side doesn't make a spirit all-knowing.  Prediction by your Spirit loved ones is possible, but you have free will to make changes.  "Guidance" is the key word.
  5. The message is subject to your own interpretation.  Information provided does not constitute legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial advice.  Choices and/or actions based on the content of your reading are your responsibility.

Expect truth, have patience, be fair, expect good, be willing to verify, and relax.

More FAQs

Will our conversation be confidential?

Yes.  Although I sometimes discuss readings in a general manner, I won't use your real name in my books, public appearances, lectures, and classes without your permission.  You can also provide me with a testimonial if you desire, which I can put in the Testimonial section.  And you can provide a positive Recommendation on my Facebook page.

How soon can I schedule another reading? What is your Waiting Policy?

It is my policy that my clients wait at least six months before scheduling another mediumship reading. However, you may schedule teaching consultations more frequently. 

How long of a session do you suggest I schedule?

I offer various time lengths of sessions because different clients have different needs.  Each reading and connection between a client and a spirit loved one is unique.  Some clients find the 30 minute session works well for them.  Other clients have many questions for a Spirit loved one or are desiring contact with a number of loved ones in Spirit.  If you feel that you will need more time, you may choose to schedule a 45 minute or 60 minute session.

Can I share a reading with another person?

Yes, you can share a longer session (45 or 60 min) with a family member. However, most of my clients choose to have a private one-on-one session, so they can enjoy a private conversation with their loved ones in Spirit. 

For an in-person family session, I allow up to three people who are immediate family in the room together (the room is small & cozy!).  For a phone session, I allow two immediate family members to share a session together AND I must be able to hear both of you clearly on the phone line.

When scheduling, you MUST indicate how many family members will be attending.  Most clients choose to have a private one-on-one session, so I usually have only one client chair in the room.

Please be aware that another person cannot just "sit in" on your mediumship reading - if they are present in the room then it is their reading also.  With family sessions, the time is not spread equally between participants - in fact, your loved ones in Spirit may focus more on one of you than the other.  

How do I purchase a Reading Gift for someone else?

Many clients enjoy gifting their friends and family with Readings.  When you purchase a Reading for a special someone, you can either purchase the session and have them contact Willa to book their own appointment (preferred method of most people) or you can book the session for them.  When purchasing the Reading, please let Willa know if you need a paper gift certificate.

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