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Hello, and welcome to my website!  I have been a Registered Medium in Lily Dale, since 2003.  

For my entire life, I have been aware of God working in my life in wonderful ways and God assisting me in my work as a Medium.  One of my goals is to provide inspiration, education, information, and support to help increase your spiritual consciousness and awareness of your connection with the Divine.

On this site you will learn how to connect with your loved ones in Spirit and with your higher self --- either via a Mediumship Reading, Teaching Consultation, one of my Classes & Events, or my weekly Radio Show.

Reverend Willa White

Spiritual Connection for You

Mediumship readings

Connect with your loved ones in Spirit --- family, pets, and friends who have passed over.


Teaching Consultations

Want a little support on your spiritual journey?  Have a Q &A discussion with Willa.


Reading FAQ

Review these commonly asked questions 

before scheduling!


Coming Events

This is your opportunity to learn with me.  

Attend my classes, workshops, lectures, and public appearances.

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Radio Show

Come and chat with Willa 

(and her special guests) 

about spiritual development, mediumship, faith, 

and family!  

How to Tune In

About Willa

Learn more about me and 

how I came to this point 

in my journey.

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What Is a Medium?

A professional medium specializes in spirit contact with loved ones --- family members, friends, 

and sometimes even pets. 

A mediumship reading can bring you messages that are uplifting and inspiring.

Sittings with mediums are not for fortune telling, but are experimental sessions to provide communication with those in Spirit. 

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Your Job during a Mediumship Reading

A mediumship reading is and always should be considered a special event in a person's life. 

This is a sacred connection and communication.  And there are many different ways in which a spirit may try to validate who they are.  

YOU have a very important job during a reading.

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Gift a Reading

Many clients enjoy gifting their friends and family with Readings. 

 When you purchase a Reading 

for a special someone, you can either book the session for them

OR purchase the session and have them contact Willa to book their own appointment (preferred method of most people).

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Contact Info

Willa White

17 North Street, Lily Dale, NY 14752, US

(716) 595-3755


By Appointment


end reading for the day by 3:00/3:30 p.m. (at the very latest)