About Willa

Reverend Willa White


  • Full-time medium and ordained minister for over 17 years
  • Registered Medium in Lily Dale since 2003
  • Featured medium in CNN Lisa Ling episode "This is Life: The Mediums of Lily Dale" in 2018
  • Hosts a weekly show 'Wednesdays with Willa' with different spiritual topics every week and special guests
  • Personally recommended as a medium by James Van Praagh since 2004
  • Lectures and teaches spiritual seminars for colleges and churches
  • Active member of the Lily Dale community and resides there with her husband and family year-round

Mediumship Background


My parents have always encouraged the development of my mediumship and spiritual growth. In fact, their active spiritual search has molded mine. 

I grew up with meditation and development circles, discussions about Spirit, and stories of the mediumship and healing abilities of my grandparents and extended family.

During college, I read every mediumship book I could get my hands on, I attended several workshops and weekly development circles, and I became a certified medium and spiritual healer with my church. I was absorbing a lot of spiritual information and intuitive experience, and I was progressing at a rapid rate.

Fast forward to today:  I am a medium, teacher, and writer. For over 17 years, I have maintained a full-time private practice as a medium. I lecture and teach mediumship, intuition, and spiritual development classes for colleges and churches. And I love what I do.

Currently, I am one of the youngest [but not the newest] Registered Mediums in Lily Dale (a Spiritualist community with many mediums and healers). People look at me and marvel at how young I am to be doing this work, but I guess I am on the fast track.

What I know is: Age doesn’t matter, intent does. Several mediums report having knowledge of their abilities at an early age, but few act on their spiritual impressions at that tender age. I have. And then you have mediums like the 18th century scientist Emmanuel Swedenborg who wait until the latter half to even have a glimpse of the spiritual plane. He was 55 before he explored his spirituality. Just know that whenever YOU decide to fine tune your Spirit gifts, it is all in divine right timing and divine right order.

Spiritual Connection

For me, spirit contact is a sacred and healing event.  Sometimes filled with laughter, sometimes with tears. 

Over the years, it has been my great joy and honor to serve Spirit. When I see the eyes of those I read for filling with tears of joy as they discover the connection with their loved ones has not been severed, I feel wonderful.

When I serve as a medium, I feel the immense energy of Spirit channeling through me and the circle of energy grows beyond all comprehension when I know that the person I am reading for feels it too.

Through my mediumship and teaching, I hope to bring peace, comfort, and healing. I know I am serving the important role of proving the continuity of Life and Love, giving hope to the many people who seek a better understanding of spirit contact and their Higher Selves.

My mediumship is an expression of Spiritualism and a practice of the science, philosophy, and religion. There are always new and wonderful ways to experience Spirit and share it with others. I am helping others---what a goal, what a joy, what a way to be.

Blessings to All,